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You've put countless hours into a project and now you need to present it to the world. But you've given up trying to design great websites for your work. What if you tried a new approach? A logical, step-by-step approach?
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You're not a Designer.

• • •

But this time you're working on something that needs you to be one. So what are you going to do?


Read the same book again?

You mean the one with all the vague terms explained very generally? Or the one that walks you through a single example?


Find a free theme or buy a cheap one?

So you can shoehorn your unique project into a common, mediocre design that hundreds of others are using?


Throw something together?

But didn't you say you weren't a designer? Oh. So you'll probably just use Bootstrap like everyone else?

Enough is enough.

• • •

It's time to learn and design the right way; The Research Design Repeat way.

Research Design Repeat is an analytical approach to web design which breaks designing a website down into a three-part, nine-step process that is easy to evaluate, understand and execute regardless of the project or your design experience.

There are decisions behind every design.

And there is a process and a logic behind those decisions. Research Design Repeat reverse-engineers that process and turns it into a web design choose-your-own-adventure. This is a process which can be applied to any project and followed by any person.

But it isn't just about web design.

• • •

It's about startup design.

Designing a website means understanding the purpose of the site, what entity it is meant to represent, and how to best represent it.

Learning web design properly means building the right foundation upon which your design abilities and your project can grow.

Research Design Repeat provides you with that foundation. And if you're working on a project, you already have everything you need to turn it into a...


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Chapter List

• • •

Each chapter of Research Design Repeat is dedicated to one step of the process.

Introduction     0

An Overview of the Process and Its Development

General Research     1

Understanding Design

Project-Specific Research     2

Developing a Brand

Drawing     3

Exploring the Visuals Associated with Your Brand

Refinement     4

Translating Your Brand into Logo and Layout Designs

Brand Identity Design     5

Creating your Logo

Golden Zone Design     6

Creating the Aesthetic of Your Site

Content Design     7

Creating and Styling the Content of Your Site

Footer Design     8

Creating and Styling the Foot of Your Site

Repeat     9

Finalizing Your Design and Continuing on as a Designer

What You'll Get

• • •

When you purchase a copy of Research Design Repeat, you will receive the following:



Nine colorful, illustrated chapters; one for each step of the Research Design Repeat process.


Free updates

When the examples used in the book are redesigned, the book will be updated accordingly.


4.5 Case Studies

Numerous examples are provided to illustrate each step of the process and the variety possible.


A Break from Code

This book is design based. There are no snippets of HTML and CSS or code tutorials.


Exclusive Email

Have a question about the book or your work? I'm just an email away waiting to help you out.


Full Refund Guarantee

If you're not satisfied, contact me. I'll do my best to fix the issue and if I can't, I'll provide a full refund.

It's time to be your own designer. Are you ready?

Purchase Research Design Repeat and start learning web design once and for all.

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About the Author

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My name is Katy Gardiner. I'm the founder of Knautilus, a startup lab based outside of New York City. For me, it all started with a comedy site I created. I fell in love with web design and wearing most of the hats. Changed majors. Became a successful freelancer and consultant.

I understand the struggles of learning to design a website as I began as a fully self-taught designer. And though it was (and at times still is) frustrating and challenging, that experience has inspired me and given me the understanding necessary to write the kind of book I wish I had when I began.